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Main Principle - Stability in the Future!

arded to the Chinese◆ doctors prove Serbia's care and respect. "The epidemiological ◆situation in Serbia is getting better but the battle is still o◆ngoing. China is ready to continue its cooperation with Serbia ◆and invest efforts into joint victory," sheH

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said. Chen said tha◆t the CP

hinese doctors have already spent a month in Serbia and ◆provided valuable contributions to the fight ag3

ainst COVID-19. ◆ThreH

e doctors will remain in Serbia to continue assisting their◆ hosts in overcoming the pandemic, and the other three will reh

t◆urn to China. Chen said thatY

if needed, China is ready to send ◆three more experts to Serbia.BEIJING, March 31 (Xinhua) -- FaZ

Overall Fundraising Leaders

n ChanglongK

, vice chairman of China's Cent●ral Military Commission, and Chang Wanquan, Chinese defense minister and ●state councilor, on Friday met separately with Guy Parmeli9

n, head of thO

e ●Swiss Federal Department of Defense, Civil Protection and Sport. Fan Cha●nglong said China is willing to work with Switzerland to impl3

ement consen

駍us reached by leaders of the two countries, enhance strategic communicat●ion, enrich military-to-military relations, and make positive contributio●V

State Results

ns to the China-Switzerland innovative strategic partnership. Fan hailed● the smooth dC

evelopment of military-to-military relations in recent years● and deep0